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Creative Block-Busting – Break Down Walls to New Ideas!

Everyone falls into a rut sometimes. We all have distractions, and it’s simply part of our nature to grow accustomed to a routine. This can often mean that our creativity suffers, and it can be difficult to haul ourselves back up onto the creative “road less traveled.” If you could use some help kickstarting a fresh flow of ideas and/or trying to get around a creative block, this post is for you.

My “Top 5” Tips:

1. Say Yes to Something New

Routine is the quickest way to build a creative block. When we develop habits and routines, our minds can go on autopilot, and we no longer feel challenged or excited by the world around us. It can be even more difficult to break out of this rut when you realize that you need to step outside of your comfort zone.

Start with something small that’s completely new or foreign to you. Sign up for a local class. Try an intriguing recipe. Accept an invitation to a party you would normally decline. Shoot, try a sci-fi Netflix binge. I like to say, sometimes you need to “contaminate” you’re thinking to shake your mind out of its stupor.

2. Feed Your Mind With “Creative Snacks”

Chances are good that you encounter plenty of inspiration in your day-to-day life, even if you don’t realize it. “Creative Snacking” is simply allowing yourself to notice these things.

When you’re running errands, take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of a store display. Pay attention to color stories and patterns in shop windows. Search Instagram accounts that feature unique images and design ideas. Even if you aren’t actively cataloging these things for a specific project, your brain will remember them for future endeavors, and you’ll be more aware of the world around you.

3. Give Yourself Space to Create…or Not Create

It’s far too easy to fill up your day with tasks that make you busy. In today’s society, being busy is often equated with being successful, but what often happens is you come up with some strategic ideas, then you get so invested in the delivery of those ideas that you run out of time for new ideas. Instead of stuffing your calendar full, set aside a few blocks of time that are solely for creating.

You can use this time to work on active projects, come up with new ideas, or feed your imagination with fresh fodder for later projects. Give yourself space to work on something you enjoy, but allow yourself to just be still and refreshed if you’re not feeling inspired. Whether you create or don’t, having dedicated time to look forward to can release stress and allow you to be more open to creative pursuits.

4. Start “Creativity Cross-Training”

Often, one of the best ways to find inspiration is by switching mediums. If you’re a painter, try drawing or sculpting. If you like word games, switch to numbers. If you enjoy writing, why not choose a style completely opposite your own? Even if you’re not comfortable in this new medium, you can learn a great deal and find fresh ideas.

5. Switch From Brainstorming to Mind Mapping

Instead of listing out ideas in a brainstorming session, try mind mapping. This is a visual tool that helps you organize ideas, notes, projects and problem-solving in a creative, connected way. Allowing yourself to use pictures, colors, and connecting lines to organize information can lead to solutions you may not have otherwise considered.

These small, simple ideas are excellent and easy ways for you to reignite the creative spark of your imagination.