Creative Director gone marketing executive with almost two decades of helping brands find and create stronger relationships with their audience. Loyalty and ad guy with deep digital experience and a well-balanced history of crazy agency-life and “doing time” on the brand side.


Agency-life: After many years of direct and subcontracting, work spans a diverse portfolio including: Disney / Sony / Universal / WB / Red Bull / Papa John’s / Pep Boys / Cirque du Soleil / Mariah Carey / J. Lo / Bruno Mars / Pitbull / Britney Spears / Celine Dion / Jersey Boys / Rock of Ages / Penn & Teller / Gordon Ramsay / Guy Fieri / Giada / Bobby Flay / US Coast Guard / Grandmaster Flash


Brand-side: Career started with J&R Music World (, then a few full-time agency runs, to lead Caesars Entertainment engagement marketing initiatives. The great thing about working with a destination entertainment company is the exposure to so many consumer touch-points (entertainment, nightlife, F&B, retail, etc.)


Greg speaks on the latest marketing trends, the evolution of communication and advertising principles. He’s a digital environmentalist, devoted disruptor (disrupts every meeting), and potty activist (proud dad).