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"Creative and innovative, Greg is inspiring to work with. He stays sharp in the entertainment space and lives on the cutting edge."

Grandmaster Flash

10x Platinum Hip Hop Pioneer and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

"Greg is an outspoken thought-leader in the digital space. It's always fun to see what he's going to stir up on stage!"

Ted Rubin

Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist

"An exceptional customer experience leader and creative visionary. We are proud to have Greg on our customer advisory board."


Adobe, changing the world through digital experiences

"A digital innovator and risk taker with some gambles that have paid off."

Wired Magazine

WIRED, where tomorrow is realized
  • Ted Ruben

Greg Cannon

Customer Experience & Acquisition | Brand Development & Engagement 

Brand Engagement Executive with corporate leadership expertise and urban savvy – championing the “art & science of customer experience (CX)” to find & create stronger relationships with customers. Former big agency Creative Director with proven success building award-winning teams and platforms to drive growth in customer awareness and affinity.

Big agency trained Creative Director, grounded in customer engagement and loyalty via two of the world’s top entertainment companies

We are witnessing the greatest transformation to the economy since the Industrial Revolution. Never before has the brand value prop, purpose/narrative, and continuity been this important. IMHO, meeting today’s unprecedented expectations of customer experience requires insight from the intersection of positioning, design, technology, legitimate business dynamics, and most of all, customers.

Over the last two decades, I’ve delivered substantial growth leading enterprise-wide marketing
 and audience engagement efforts for iconic companies, including The Madison Square Garden Co. (NY Knicks, Rangers, Rockettes, The Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and LA Forum) and I spent five years leading similar efforts for Caesars Entertainment – the world’s largest destination entertainment company and leader in loyalty marketing. Currently, as a Sr. Strategy Consultant, I advise on modern marketing & engagement strategies for notable brands including for some notable brands & celebrities. 

My colleagues and industry peers know me as a confident, competent, and considerate leader, as well as a respected voice in the digital (marketing & eCommerce) space.