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“Big agency trained Creative Director, grounded in customer engagement and loyalty via two of the world’s top entertainment companies.”

Brand Experience & Engagement Executive with leadership expertise and urban savvy – championing the “art and science of branding” to drive disruption and organizational transformation within the entertainment & lifestyle industries. Demonstrated success challenging the status quo, identifying digital marketing/pop culture trends, and developing bold, experiential business opportunities across communications platforms to drive consumer engagement, loyalty, and profitability.

Strong reputation for building credible relationships with influential artists and stakeholders; attracting, grooming and inspiring world-class digital, content and data-driven teams, building collaborative cultures of  high performance; and persevering to deliver results in the following areas:

Creative direction & customer acquisition:
Delivering experiences driving 20% YOY fan growth and 80% increase in response rates for two of the world’s top live entertainment companies, including the Colloquy winning leader in loyalty marketing

Customer experience & commerce:
Directing digital media, websites, and mobile apps driving over $1B direct channel sales and $10M savings in third-party commission fees for top digital categories (entertainment and travel)

Content development, monetization, and partnership activation:
Development of sponsorable content and franchises, product integrations, including multi-million dollar deals with MTV, Delta, Coca-Cola, Playboy, RCL, and Chase

Community engagement:
Leading content and media experiences for many of recent years “trending topics”, including Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, J. Lo Vegas Residencies, NY Knicks, Rangers, Rockettes, MTV VMAs, and iHeartRadio Festivals